Day 41: Damp and squeaky

Day 41:

The top of my cave house is pretty well sealed against the wet. It’s taken me a while to accomplish that – stuffing pitch from the wood I’ve been burning into every crack I could find to seal the place up.

Below the main level, though, when it rains, things still get pretty wet.  The water seeps through the ground and turns the dust to mud and the stone into a slippery surface that even the best of boots struggle to maintain a grip on.

It rained all day today. I did my best to mine, but the risks are much higher than even The Company, with all their equipment, was generally willing to take on. We almost never dropped into a site if there was rain in the local forecast.

I remember the Captain complaining one time about the delay in starting a drop because of the rain, and Marvin just looked her and said, “How many bones do you want the doc to set?” and that was the end of that.

Tomorrow hopefully there will be less rain and more time to work my way closer to the mountain.

Watercolor sketch. All colors are muted as if seen through the rain. Blue-grey sky, some trees way in the background, yellowish-green fields in the distance, brighter green, then darker green fields in the foreground.
The view from my front door. Plenty of water for watercolors, but I’m running out of blue flowers.