Day 43: Jangle of bones

Day 43:

Dug all day today, managed to not get covered in mud or lake or anything else gross.

Shoulder’s still sore. Writing hurts, sorry about the length of the entries.

I’m also trying to be extra quiet because, well, remember me saying the other day that the skeleton-like creatures seem to have disappeared?

There’s one outside my door right now, circling. Watching. Waiting. I don’t think it can see through the windows since i have the light extinguished and the starlight doesn’t penetrate to the bed here very well. But that also makes it a bit hard for me to write. Mercy knows if my handwriting will prove illegible, or the page crooked.

It doesn’t seem to be able to get into my fenced-in pen, which is good. And it doesn’t seem to be interested in the duckens or the cows or the horses, which is even better. But it certainly doesn’t like me.

I’m going to lay here and try to sleep and not freak out.

Black and white sketch of a skeleton from about the 3rd rib up. It has very large black eye sockets and is glaring downward at the viewer. This one is actually a bit creepy.
How is this even possible?