Day 92: Zombies can’t climb trees

Day 92:

It’s hard to tell the time when I’m against the side of the mountain, because my view of the sun is blocked by the mountain and the trees on it.

So I stayed out too late and got treed by a bunch of zombies.

Good news is for some reason zombies can’t climb trees.

More interesting news is that all the zombies appear to wear the same “outfit” for lack of a better word. It’s almost like they have a set uniform. It’s clearly not skin – it has a fabric-like texture and having sliced through it more than a few times with my sword I can confidently say the skin beneath is the same green as their faces.

Why would these animals wear clothes in the first place? Are they humanoid animals (like some of the more advanced primates), or are they actual humanoids who have been stripped of their higher reasoning skills?

I have no beef with uniforms, but I’m suspicious of those who wear them, when they’re out to kill me.

Watercolor of a zombie wearing purple pants and a teal shirt... and green skin. Captioned  "this is a hideous outfit to be undead in."