Day 95: Sheep

Day 95:

Sheep. I’m digging and thinking about sheep.

Sheep are bigger than I pictured. And they smell. Badly. They don’t smell like clean socks or a wool suit, either. They smell like sheep shit. I guess that’s pretty obvious, but these aren’t things I had to think about back on the ship.

Do I want sheep? I could use the wool for better clothes, and the meat for eating, and the skin for leather… in that way, sheep are pretty handy things to have. They eat what’s already here, so I don’t have to find them food. And they seem friendly enough, compared to exploding giraffe corgis and horror land squid.

I want sheep.

But do I want sheep badly enough to lure them over a mountain and over a river?

That part I’m still thinking on, while I dig.

line sketch of what it will take to get sheep from the far side of the mountain, up the mountain, through the cave, down the mountain, across the bridge, and into the entrance of the caves.