Day 131: Still exploring the east entrance

Day 131:

The problem with digging out to a new entrance that lands right in the middle of the cliff face is you have to figure out what to do about the cliff. Just close the hole back up? Eventually weathering will clear any debris you use to clog it. Carve it out and install some doors? Possible but then if you get turned around in the tunnels and go out those doors, you’re flat on your face a few hundred meters down.

Landscaping the area to be a safe exit seems to be the best answer, but that takes a lot of work too, especially since I’m trying to lay low and not indicate where I am.

Which is a different topic because, well, I’m not sure that’s worthwhile anymore. I mean, I’m four months into this gig, which is three months longer than an extended gig, and I’ve heard nothing from the company.

If I don’t see anyone from the mountain, I might just say to heck with it and stop covering my tracks.

We’ll see. First I have to design a safe and secure door to the middle of the air.

really bad line sketch attempting to show that the ravine is essentially a round hold about 30 meters in diameter that goes deeper than the author can see.
If I kill a few hundred pony-sized spiders I could probably make a rope ladder.