Day 155: Deeper than ever

Day 155:

If this isn’t a hallucination (I’m still pretty sure it is) then I’m deeper into the ground than I’ve ever been before. I pulled up some gold ore late in the day, and from where I was standing I could see a strange blue ore. I don’t think it’s sapphire, just because of the lack of shine, but maybe a form of lapis lazuli?

It reminds me a bit of looking at a nebula. Granted, the nebula would have to be on fire, but that’s how these things seem to go anyway.

But it’s been a long few days of mining and as I’m currently doubting my own sanity, I’ve decided the next few days are going to be dedicated to farming and fishing and maybe seeing if I have the chops to design a clock.

The absurdity of all of those sentences is so high I’m still pretty sure I’ve been hit in the head with something heavy.

Watercolor of a lump of stone made of bright blues and purples with gold streaks throughout it. Captioned "weird space-colored rock".
Hello space rock