Day 166: Landscaping

Day 165:

I’ve been cleaning a lot of the brush and doing a bit of rounding out the hills nearby. It seems spurious work, since it doesn’t put ducken on the table or gold in my pocket, but it’s more of a safety thing. I prefer to be able to see the exploding giraffe-corgis before they get to me.

Plus, the dirt’s a handy thing to have around if I need to protect myself from a significant amount of flooding or something like that. Dirt is surprisingly hard to get underground. Rock? No problem. Gravel? By the shipful. Dirt? HA!

Blue sky and a smooth green hill, with a grey path around the hill and some bushes nicely laid out on the ground.
I’m using some fo the gravel to line the muddier paths, and hoping it doesn’t look too out-of-place.