Day 217: bad parenting

Day 217:

Swear to cod, they’re starting to use me as some kind of hazing ritual.

I was digging out a bit of coal earlier — finally found a nice-sized seam so that takes some pressure off — and I hear three medium-sized thunks as an adult zombie and two children jumped down from somewhere higher up.

First one kid came after me, then the other… but the adult just stood back and watched for at least the first five minutes or so, which was way more time than I needed to dispatch the green monsterlets.

I think it was there to observe whether the kids were able to take me out.

I killed it too.

Maybe I’m doing too much anthropomorphic personification. Maybe the adult actually had fallen poorly and had its hip busted or something.

Still, it was creepy. I was glad to be rid of all of them.

Think I’m building a roof to this part of the ravine soon just for head coverage.