Day 225: More rock rats

Day 225:

I am beginning to notice that the harder it is to dig out a piece of stone in my current area, the better the chance that there will be some kind of small stone monster (I’ve taken to calling them “rock rats”) within the stone waiting to chew on my legs.

One of them doesn’t seem to be an issue. But many of them can be a bit overwhelming. That’d be fine if i could face them one at a time, but if one of them sends up a distress hiss (they kind of choke-hiss) then any other nearby ones will break out of their rocks too.

Normally I wouldn’t even dig straight stone, but sometimes the only civilized thing to do is set down a floor and some walls and — especially in this place, a ceiling to keep the giraffe-corgis from falling on one’s head, and some doors to keep the zombies out.

It’s worth noting that nobody trained me on what to do with exploding monsters or homicidal zombies when I was trained in mining logs. I’m really going above and beyond here in multiple respects.

Gahd I’m tired. Maybe the rock rats poisoned me. Or maybe I’ve just been digging too long. Either way I’m going back to the nearest chamber I put a bed in (if I can find it on my map) and going back to sleep.1