Day 276: Or I could be an idiot

Day 276:

Got up this morning and double-checked my map… discovered that the reason I thought I’d dug into the wrong chamber was I was on the wrong page… apparently I have two almost-identical chambers in roughly the same location but they’re four floors away from each other.

(I try to change the color of the stone I’m using every floor, but I’ve only got a few colors: polished grey stone, polished diorite, polished andesite, and polished granite, so I rotate between them as I go down. It sort of works, but obviously if I lose count of what floor I’m on it doesn’t really help much.)

Next up: I need to figure out how to paint over the very large cavern I added on the very wrong page of my maps. Egg white maybe? I’m not sure. Wish I had the net right now to look up recipes.

Or call for help.