Day 280: Squishes

Day 280:

So here’s a weird thing: since I sealed in that massively large chamber I dug out at the end of last month, the only native species that’s appeared in have been bats and gelatinous cubes.

Well, and the duckens that followed me down.  But they’re almost literally everywhere at this point.

The bats are pretty obvious: they flew down the steps and followed me like the duckens did.

But the gels are bigger than my stairways. I have no idea how they’re getting in. I’ve got no indication they know how to use door knobs.

They die pretty easily, but I’d rather not have to kill them at all. I don’t like being attacked every time I try to go upstairs to make more pickaxes. And they’re so loud just constantly squish squish squish that I’m almost not sorry I’m killing them.