Day 281: golden zombies

Day 281:

The latest trend in zombie fashion is gold armor, and I’ve killed enough zombies wearing gold armor that I now have a full suit: helmet, gloves, chest plate, greaves, and boots.

The boots have that shimmery glow that seems to indicate there’s something special about them, so I’m probably going to keep them. (Plus, they don’t smell of zombie. If they smelled of zombie I don’t care if they had wings, they’d go.)

Everything else is going into the forge so I can melt it down and make more watch parts. I’m sure I can get something more precise than I’ve managed so far if I just have the right parts.

Metalworking is hot, dangerous, hard work… but not as hot or dangerous as zombies in a room with free-flowing lava, so knowing when the attacks are going to start is kind of a priority.