Day 285: found another staircase

Day 285:

Captain Omega, one of my first captains, used to tell us that any time we saw something interesting in a mine, we should channel some steps or something to it so we could access it again when we were ready. There wasn’t always time at the beginning of a job to fiddle around with interesting things, especially if we were in poaching oar or minerals from a site. But if the time came, she said, it always helped to make it easy to find where you’ve been and what you’d come back to find.

On the western edge of this chamber I’m clearing, I can see a set of steps that I dug jutting out of the ceiling.

Which means I’ve been interested in this chamber twice, although I’m guessing that they weren’t obviously connected at the time.

I’m still cleaning up in that direction, though, so I’ll find out soon enough.