Day 236: Moving a bucket of lava

Day 236:

It is too hot to carry. It eats the handle. Apparently the lava does not like to be moved.

I’m beginning to contemplate the idea of building some kind of rail system.

You’d think I would have thought of something like that a long time before, so that perhaps I didn’t have to carry bags of rocks around. But see, that would have been smart. And also that would’ve meant reinventing the wheel.

The thing is, creating wheels isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. It’s not like I have a jigsaw sitting around to carve the wood with. And I don’t have any engines to get a log spinning fast enough to smooth it. I could make a sand cast and pour an iron wheel, but that has its own challenges. For one thing, even the slightest flat spot can make a wheel useless, and for another, putting a flange on a wheel takes some special doing if one wants the rail car to not derail every time one goes around a curve.

And don’t get me started on making the rails themselves.

On the other hand, portable buckets of lava could come in handy. Like, could I forge things out of lava rock? Or dump them on zombies? I have so many questions and a hot bucket of lava (somehow it hasn’t cooled).