Day 276: Or I could be an idiot

Day 276:

Got up this morning and double-checked my map… discovered that the reason I thought I’d dug into the wrong chamber was I was on the wrong page… apparently I have two almost-identical chambers in roughly the same location but they’re four floors away from each other.

(I try to change the color of the stone I’m using every floor, but I’ve only got a few colors: polished grey stone, polished diorite, polished andesite, and polished granite, so I rotate between them as I go down. It sort of works, but obviously if I lose count of what floor I’m on it doesn’t really help much.)

Next up: I need to figure out how to paint over the very large cavern I added on the very wrong page of my maps. Egg white maybe? I’m not sure. Wish I had the net right now to look up recipes.

Or call for help.


Day 275: insert cursing here

Day 275:

My map is wrong. I thought, according to my map, that I’d dig into one chamber, and I dug into a different one. So instead of finishing this chamber, I’m going to be spending some time remapping things.

This is not what I wanted to be doing right now.

It’s soooo frustrating to try to map without a GPS. Even if I had a compass I probably wouldn’t be good at it, but I’m certainly not good at it just doing myself.

Day 274: ugh these bats

Day 274:

So on one hand, hey, fewer falling monsters. On the other hand, the bats can still fly in the sides from the chasm. And they squeak constantly, except when they set themselves on fire in the lava fall, when they scream instead.

But on the other hand, this is one of the most comfortable chambers I’ve dug, probably because there’s lava warming it, but not making it too hot to tolerate. If it weren’t like a hundred meters underground I’d move my stuff to this location and make this my home.

Day 273: Ceilinged in

Day 273:

I have a ceiling, or maybe it’s a roof, it’s hard to tell, depends on where you’re standing.

This is a big, big room. It’s got two water springs in it and a lava fall. Perfect for balls and weddings, get in touch and I’ll rent it to you at very reasonable rates.

Also, there seem to be some kind of fumes in that room, because I’m feeling a bit loopy a lot of the time. The falling zombies and being shot at isn’t helping much.

Day 272: A big room full of monsters

Day 272:

Because I’ve been digging out this big cavernous area, I’ve been bombarded from above. Falling skeletons, falling zombies, falling giraffe-corgis, you never know what’s going to hit the ground nearby. They are all angry, assuming they live through the fall, so I’ve taken a lot of blows this week.

Not particularly fond of that, so I’m putting a roof on as quickly as possible.