Day 222: how is this whole place not just a crater?

Day 222:

Last night on my way home from far out, I almost got blown by a giraffe-corgi who was hiding behind a tree.

Today I went out to patch that giant hole (because I’ve learned leaving craters around the compound just means one tends to trip and fall into craters and that hurts like hell, frankly) and almost got blown up by another exploding giraffe-corgi behind a tree.

Not sur whether the answer is to cut down all trees or carry dirt with me everywhere.

Day 221: still human

Day 221: Spent the day shooting duckens on the plains because I don’t like killing the duckens I raised… even though I probably raised like a thousand of them by now.

Guess that shows there’s still some humanity in me, no matter how illogical.

Day 220: Digging

Day 220: Still digging. Not much more to say than that.

Day 219:more caverns

Day 219:

Found a big vertical cavern that looks like a tube.

It’s got lava at the bottom.

I think I found an active volcano.

I’m giving that one some space.

Day 218: repetitive

Day 218:

Three times I have walled in a river, and three times a giraffe-corgi has blown up destroying the wall.

This river apparently wants to be free.