Day 274: ugh these bats

Day 274:

So on one hand, hey, fewer falling monsters. On the other hand, the bats can still fly in the sides from the chasm. And they squeak constantly, except when they set themselves on fire in the lava fall, when they scream instead.

But on the other hand, this is one of the most comfortable chambers I’ve dug, probably because there’s lava warming it, but not making it too hot to tolerate. If it weren’t like a hundred meters underground I’d move my stuff to this location and make this my home.

Day 273: Ceilinged in

Day 273:

I have a ceiling, or maybe it’s a roof, it’s hard to tell, depends on where you’re standing.

This is a big, big room. It’s got two water springs in it and a lava fall. Perfect for balls and weddings, get in touch and I’ll rent it to you at very reasonable rates.

Also, there seem to be some kind of fumes in that room, because I’m feeling a bit loopy a lot of the time. The falling zombies and being shot at isn’t helping much.

Day 272: A big room full of monsters

Day 272:

Because I’ve been digging out this big cavernous area, I’ve been bombarded from above. Falling skeletons, falling zombies, falling giraffe-corgis, you never know what’s going to hit the ground nearby. They are all angry, assuming they live through the fall, so I’ve taken a lot of blows this week.

Not particularly fond of that, so I’m putting a roof on as quickly as possible.

Day 271: More archeology

Day 271:

Today I pulled up 3 more fishing rods, another pair of boots (was wondering when they’d show up), some of those name-tag like thingies, some more fishing rods… oh, and some fish.

No glowing books today but I’m OK with that, because just looking at them makes me tired.

My head doesn’t hurt as much so tomorrow I’m going to go back underground and see if the noise of hitting rocks with picks is a problem.

Day 270: more books

Day 270:

Over the last few days I’ve “caught” more of the weird glowing books while fishing. They don’t appear to affect my sack or my body, but they do catch fire if placed on certain items like tools or weapons.

But some books appear to apply to some weapons and not others… or some tools but not others…. and one book only caught fire if I put it near my helmet, which now glows blue.

I don’t know and I’m not sure I want to know.

The bigger mystery, to me, is how did a society that clearly needed a lot of boots and a lot of saddles also happened to need a large library of water-resistant books? And what were they doing with them? They’re certainly not convenient to carry around,