Day 243: Slapped by a squid

Day 243:

Spent most of the morning scooping some pretty deep sand.

Sometime around noonish one of the water squids decided it loved me, and spent an inordinate amount of time slapping me around underwater.

Spent the rest of the day coughing up water in the comfort of my bed. Because nobody should have to put up with that crap.

Maybe I’ll use all these bricks to build something I can hit squid with.

Day 242: Not that obsessed

Day 242:

So far, no sign of more pigs.

I’ve been clearing the bulk of the sand out of the sea to my north (or whatever it is).

There’s ore below it, in some parts, but it’s hard enough just scooping sand into a bag to haul up. I can’t imagine trying to hold my breath and swing a pickaxe through water. I’m not even sure I could get enough momentum to do anything.

So I’m not totally ore-crazy, which in a way is a relief, because sometimes I worry about my mental health in this place.

Today, I miss oranges.

Day 241: night breezes

Day 241:

One thing I noticed when I was up all night all night is that there’s a beautiful spring breeze once the sun goes down… the kind that reminds me of dozing off on the porch swing while my folks sipped fancy lemonades and talked in those voices that told you everything was okay in the world.

I can’t open my windows, first because they’re really just thick blocks of glass, and second because if I did every spider in six counties (do they have counties here?) would be trying to squeeze through them.

And it’s really hard to sleep through the mooing and quackeling and oinking and zombie groans, so sleeping out in the yard with the animals really doesn’t seem to be a solution.

But I miss those warm spring breezes.

Day 240: sleepless in Serendipity

Day 240:

Some nights you sleep. Other nights you stay up all night because while you were feeding the animals a horde of zombies came over the plains at you and the zombies needed killing.

I mean, that’s just the way of it here.

Day 239: I’m starting to wonder if squid is good eating

Day 239:

Unlike the horror land squid that whip the snot out of me with poison tentacles and rocks and who, oh did I mention, pass through walls, the water squid out in the bay/ocean/lagoon/whatever to my north never seem to get aggressive.

Well, not in the “kill you” way, anyway.

They are big fans of HI WHAT ARE YOU DOING CAN I BE IN YOUR FACE? Which I am not as fond of. Especially when there’s six or eight of them at once.

I had initially assumed that the squid were native to this rock the same way I believe the zombies and skeletons might be… but now I’m starting to think maybe the squid were put here by whoever terraformed the place, because they’re too docile and too “please stab me and cook me and eat me” to be of the same kingdom and order as the horse-sized spiders.

I haven’t hunted any yet, though I did break a shovel on one earlier because it got in my way. Broke the shovel, not the squid. They’re tough ones.