Day 282: Found the stairs

Day 282:

While cleaning up this chamber, I discovered a staircase coming down from the eastern side, which leads up to a chamber I dug, well, probably months ago now.

So the good news is that somewhere I thought “hey I should explore this later” has now been explored.

The bad news is that there’s probably not much down here if I’ve already been here before.

On the other hand, I already found one diamond deposit that I’d missed, so if it means having nice square chambers and a clean floor and no stalactites stabbing at me, I think finishing what I’ve started is worthwhile.

Day 281: golden zombies

Day 281:

The latest trend in zombie fashion is gold armor, and I’ve killed enough zombies wearing gold armor that I now have a full suit: helmet, gloves, chest plate, greaves, and boots.

The boots have that shimmery glow that seems to indicate there’s something special about them, so I’m probably going to keep them. (Plus, they don’t smell of zombie. If they smelled of zombie I don’t care if they had wings, they’d go.)

Everything else is going into the forge so I can melt it down and make more watch parts. I’m sure I can get something more precise than I’ve managed so far if I just have the right parts.

Metalworking is hot, dangerous, hard work… but not as hot or dangerous as zombies in a room with free-flowing lava, so knowing when the attacks are going to start is kind of a priority.

Day 280: Squishes

Day 280:

So here’s a weird thing: since I sealed in that massively large chamber I dug out at the end of last month, the only native species that’s appeared in have been bats and gelatinous cubes.

Well, and the duckens that followed me down.  But they’re almost literally everywhere at this point.

The bats are pretty obvious: they flew down the steps and followed me like the duckens did.

But the gels are bigger than my stairways. I have no idea how they’re getting in. I’ve got no indication they know how to use door knobs.

They die pretty easily, but I’d rather not have to kill them at all. I don’t like being attacked every time I try to go upstairs to make more pickaxes. And they’re so loud just constantly squish squish squish that I’m almost not sorry I’m killing them.

Day 279: Down a level again

Day 279:

I chased a vein of ore out of the chamber I was in down a good 4 meters, and found myself in another cave I’ve previously mined out. (Although apparently I didn’t do a thorough job if I just chased a vein of ore in there… on the other hand, I’m missing my laser-guided mineral scanner, so I’m not beating myself up over it much.)

So now instead of straightening up the one I was in (which was pretty clean to begin with) I’ve started reshaping this one. Because I’m already digging the wrong direction, why not keep going?

Day 278: Diamond again!

Day 278: I found more of that strange blue rock that resembles diamond, but that I can shape like metal into armor and weapons.

A little more on that:

At first I thought it was legitimate diamond, which is not at all valuable on the open market, seeing as they can be manufactured really easily in the engine system of a standard ship.

But then when I nailed one still in the wall with my pickaxe one time, I realized that it dented instead of shattering. Diamonds are crystals, so they tend to split along their crystalline structure, which is why they’re easy to make so shiny.

Whatever this stuff is, it’s more like transparent aluminum. I can hammer it, heat it, shape it, pretty much whatever I want.

It takes a looooong time to work because it’s hard as, well, diamonds, but it can be done.

So I’d used the first load of diamonds to make myself some better armor, and compared to the leather and iron and cloth I’d been using before, it lasted a really really long time.

But it still eventually disintegrated into uselessness.

So now that I’ve found some more, I have to decide: armor? pickaxe? shiny bling for a night on the town?

I’m too tired to decide, and all I can think about right now is how much I’m sick and tired of fish sandwiches. So it’s off to bed and a decision to make later.