Day 242: Piglet!

Day 242:

I managed to capture not one, but two pigs. Which is good because apparently sometime while I was away my previous pig died or was eaten or escaped or something. (It’s really hard to tell when animals don’t leave bodies behind what happened to them.)

Anyway, pigs like carrots.

Two pigs like carrots enough to start makin’ bacon right after they’re fed.

So now I have two adult pigs and a piglet.

If I hang around topside for a few days I could have a whole… what’s the collective noun for pigs? sausage factory?… of pigs.

That might be worth it, especially if it means I get up early, feed the pigs, then head out east to find a horse.

Day 241: Pig hunting gone off course

Day 241:

I decided the best way to get the pig was to build a bridge to the chunk of ground where I last saw the pig.

The only problem with that plan was that by the time I finished building the bridge, it was dark, and that meant I was chased all the way home by the zombie horde.

They smell awful, you know. In my spare time I’m going to develop zombie deodorant that can be applied long-distance.

Day 240: North is wet

Day 240:

I went as far north as I could in a half day and then came back.

First, north is mostly swampy areas and big bay-like areas. I suspect the whole area north of me is a giant bay, but lacking a boat, did not manage to explore very well.

(Why do I not have a boat? Because the zombies can swim. And if I’m caught out in the middle of the night climbing a tree is a safer option than being in a boat.)

Second, I saw about 20 cows, 1 punk-ass child zombie that pelted me with eggs, another gazillion duckens, 5 fish, and a pig I might go back for tomorrow.

No horses.

Day 239: Horse hunting

Day 239:

Before making any rash decisions like “I should use my entire supply of iron ore to experiment with my own rail system” I decided I’d start by looking for horses. I walked as far in the distance I call “east” as I could in half a day, then walked back.

I found 7 giraffe corgis, 17 zombies, 2 very angry skeletons with a full set of arrows, some funny glowing boots, lots of gold armor, and something in the neighborhood of 72 ducken. (I think they’re breeding in my caverns.)

No horses.

Tomorrow I try north, though north is mostly water.

Day 238: stairs

Day 238:

Have I mentioned I’m something like fifteen floors underground at this point?

If I haven’t, surely my knees have.

I know that the amount of time it will take me to make a rail system is ridiculous. I’m only one person, trying to stay alive in a hostile environment.

But not carrying things sounds so appealing right now and I still don’t have any new horses.