Day 13: And even more fences

Day 13:

Got up this morning to the sound of skeletons falling into my cow hole.

There’s a phrase I never thought I’d utter.

Also, maybe “half-covered back porch” would be a better turn of phrase than “cow hole”.

Anyway, went out and killed them and then realized that skeletons were going to just keep walking over the edge of the hole onto my porch unless I fenced it in. So I went up onto the roof and ran a fence around the chasm that leads to the back porch. I added some steps so that the cows could walk up onto the sod (besodded?) roof.

One of my chicken ducks followed me right up the steps, hopped across, and over the wood fence.

So now I have a double-decker wood fence around that area. All because I wanted to give my cows a little skeleton-free sunshine.

In other news, I mentioned recently that I’m carving out the space under my current cave.

  • It contains some nice stone
  • It contains some iron ore
  • It randomly contains those creepy giraffe corgis, that then explode and help the mining along, even if it’s at the expense of my skin.

With those facts being the case, squaring off the walls and putting in some doors seems expedient.

I understand a bit better now why The Company was so interested in this planet. Granite is everywhere! They could corner the market’s supply! So digging out the “basement” and filling it with chests so I can keep the stone sorted may help me when they come back for me.

They’re coming back for me.

I just don’t know when.

I wish it was soon.

Think I’ll go hug my cows again.

A sketch of my cow fence and stairs and cow porch