Day 16: Signs of life

Day 16:

My supplies of meat were getting low again, so I spent the day fishing.

I must have hit an old trash dump or something under the surf, because I didn’t just catch fish. I also caught my line on some leather, what appears to be a horse’s saddle, and, somewhat stereotypically a pair of boots.

If I was fishing on old Earth with my grandfather then I would only be surprised because we hadn’t pulled out a whole washing machine. But humanoid tools mean that humanoids are here — or at least, were here.

Maybe the zombies were actually intelligent (or at least non-homicidal-maniac) humanoids at some point. Or maybe the skeletons were. But there was someone, and they were here. And if I dig up enough stuff, I may be able to figure out where they went and follow them.

Side note: there are wild horses in the area. They’re so wild they don’t really care about me at all. I walked up to one and threw the saddle over it, and it yelled at me. So taming a horse is harder than that… which I knew, but it was worth trying.

Time to sleep. It’s been a few days.

black and white sketch of a right boot with no laces. includes the words: boot clearly for a hominid. no laces. all leather. unsure what the sole is. fluffy lining once?
They’re pretty solid boots, as random objects one finds while fishing go.