Day 49: Sand Mining

Day 49:

The lake at the edge of the southern entrance to my cave house is thick and deep with sand that melts at a nice temperature for making glass.

Technically, making glass is a bit of a luxury when one is stranded on a planet with nothing and no one except what one makes for one’s self. But coddammit, it’s nice to be able to see what’s hunting me from the other side of the walls, and glass blocks, while not easy to make and easy for a giraffe corgi monster to blow up, are still better for seeing out the walls than granite.

So I’ve been digging up bags of sand today to put in my smelter and make glass from. Which means, once again, I’ve spent the day wet from top to bottom.

Bonus: it looks like there’s a cavern under the lake (which makes sense considering that I’ve dug into the roof of one right next to the lake) so one wrong shovel full of sand and I could be washed into a hole.

Watercolor of a lake beach. In the far background, blue sky, then some trees on a grassy area which gives way to a beach ringed with sand, then blue waters of a lake.
It’s not bad as beaches on extremely hostile planets go.