Day 53: Underground and underwater

Day 53:

I’m not confident of where I am now, but I think I may be under the lake. Everything is wet and humid and water is seeping from every crack in every surface.

There are a lot of cracks in every surface.

If it were raining above, I would assume that’s the problem, but it’s not.

There’s also a lot of sand, which is nice because it’s easier to scoop out sand from below than to shovel it while standing in a lake.

I wish I could catch, I don’t know, a hundred eels, so that I could make some kind of waterproof suit. Or alligators. Of all the things this world doesn’t have that I kind of expected, it’s alligators that are surprising me so far. No lizards at all. Maybe this world never had a reptile phase to its evolution?

Black and white line drawing, bad one, of an alligator with its mouth wide open and a giraffe corgi bent toward the gator menacingly. Labeled "Alligator vs Giraffe Corgi"
The explosion is going to give the gator heartburn is my guess