Day 67: Nothing is easy here

Day 67:

Packed some good tools in one of my rock-hauling sacks, rode Stupid until we reached the shadow of the mountain… and discovered there’s a river in front of it.

Turns out the lake that is near the front of my place is fed by a very large river right in front of the mountain. Makes sense, I guess, since the rain that falls on the mountain has to go somewhere.

But Stupid wanted nothing to do with fording the river, so we turned around and rode back, this time following the water so I could see where it goes.

Sure enough, if I keep tunneling in the direction I’m currently going, I’m going to hit the river.

So a bridge maybe? I have to think on this.

An updated version of the author's map. At the top, the mountain. In front of that, a river that runs from the left of the page to the right, where it becomes a lake. Below the river (blocking the view of the mountain) are trees, then indicators for "where I've tunneled to" in the middle and "home" and "yard" at the bottom.
Stupid trees blocked my view of the river