Day 70: Drill bits

Day 70:

Realized this morning that I’m going to need to make drill bits if I’m going to make a bridge. It’ll be my biggest piece of woodworking and I don’t trust it to the rough joints I’ve been using for other things.

That means I’m looking for more iron ore, which means I’m digging deeper again.

Also, you know how all those old books used to talk about people who could hear mice in their walls, back on Earth? I think I have a zombie in one of my walls. Every time I’m near it, it groans or growls. It’s either that or a really really big mouse.

Ink and watercolor sketch. Top left, a standard wood drill bit, labeled "what people expect drill bits to look like". Bottom right, a piece of metal with wedges cut out of it as if it is a crown or a top set of triangular teeth (more like a saw) with a wooden dowel  hollow in the center behind it. Labeled "what mining bits actually look like"
The center of the wood dowel is hollow so the stone or whatever has somewhere to go. Probably not as good for a wood bridge, but I can make a mining bit here. Twisty drill bits are too hard to make.