Day 72: Zombie night

Day 72:

Being the idiot that I am, I decided to try that whole “capture a zombie” thing I mentioned in yesterday’s entry.

I waited outside for them to swarm, and sure enough a bit after sunset six of them approached from the woods behind the cow yard. I started picking them off one shot at a time with my bow and arrow, and that went well until two skeletons similarly armed decided to travel south from the mountain area across the fields.

One of the skeletons shot one of the zombies, which then turned into a zombie-skeleton fight. Apparently they don’t work together well, especially when they’re shooting each other in the back.

But the end result was everyone was dead (or deader than they already were?) before I could try to tame one.

Spent the day chopping down that forest behind the yard so I can see better who’s coming and from where.

Line sketch, very loose. To the left, six circles coming from the trees representing zombies. To the right, two skull shapes representing skeletons. In the lower center, the protagonist. Labeled "bad plan"
This is never a good tactical position.