Day 73: Maps!

Day 73:

I’m finding that I’m digging into a lot of my own support beams, because I haven’t been drawing maps.

I’m out of practice – it was something the laser mining tools did automatically as they harvested.

I’m also worried that I’ll run out of paper. This notebook’s a reasonable size, but I’m already 73 pages in. Plus, it’s hard enough to figure out how to map something on a fullscreen monitor – doing it on these dinky sheets of notebook paper is going to be painful.

I could try making my own paper, or hide.

I guess it’s time to consider doing that.

Line and watercolor of a notebook similar to a large Moleskine or other hardbound log, labeled "Mine log" on the cover, with a black band around it to keep it closed.
It’s a log for a mine, not a log for a person bad with pronouns.