Day 127: More gold, but not the useful kind

Day 127:

An attacking skeleton dropped both a gold helmet and a pair of gold boots during our battle. I don’t know why the skeletons and zombies have taken to wearing armor lately but I’m taking it as a compliment.

On one hand I want to melt this stuff down to use for supplies, and on the other hand I could be destroying someone’s cultural heritage. What if this helmet is from the same people who made the boots I’ve been fishing out of the river? I could be destroying the only history of an entire race.

Or I could have enough gold to make a damned clock. It’s a conundrum.

a gold helmet resembling a hood in that it's round and reaches to the shoulders. it has a darker gold decorated trim along the edges.
It’s like the chainmail hood, only solid. Definitely looks like the same people made it.