Day 133: Trees

Day 133:

There are a couple different kinds of trees here. There are huge thick trees that produce a wood the color of a dark oak or mahogany. There are thinner trees that definitely represent oaks. And now today, there are white-barked trees that remind me of birches back home.

None of the leaves for any of these trees are anything like on Earth. They’re mossy  and much more fractal in every direction, like a bush with a skin condition.

But they make good firewood and they make decent handles for tools, so I’m happy with them.

watercolor of 3 badly drawn trees. leftmost is a giant oak the height of the paper. in the center is a regular oak about 2/3 of the height of the giant oak. on the right is a light-colored birch the height of the oak.
Not a lot of variety, considering.