Day 134: More on trees

Day 134:

Trying to shore up the landscaping here, I’m doing my best not to have too much of an impact on the environment. Part of that is replanting trees when I harvest some. There are enough seeds that I generally don’t have too much of a problem accomplishing this, in fact I have more problems because I’m overplanting than that I’m stripping the plants.

It helps that the trees sprout and grow to full size in 3 days. Even on the rainiest of days we don’t get enough soil erosion that the environment changes irrevocably from the deforestation before the trees go back.

I’m pretty sure that environmentalists on Earth would be jealous.

watercolor of a seedling emerging from a seed. It has two large oak-like leaves on a twig-thick stem.
It stays like this for about 15 minutes once it hits dirt. Back up when planting or find yourself in the air. They’re kind of loud when they grow too.