Day 136: Soaking and sandy

Day 136:

I’ve been harvesting sand all day. I melt it down in my furnace to make a weak but functional glass, so that I can see out and get some light into some of the areas where I work. The intertidal zones around what I’m assuming is an ocean are  mostly sand and the occasional blob of clay.

Here’s an oddity: I haven’t had to filter the sand. There are no animals, no bugs, no crabs, no beetles, no mussels… the sand here is empty. Sterile.

There should be bugs here.

There are no mosquitos. No ants. No bugs of any time. The animals all eat plants.

There should be bugs.

watercolor of a tree on a sandy island just off the shore in the sea, and the sandy shore, and grass all around.
one of the ocean inlets where I harvest sand