Day 243: To the west!

Day 243:

The last time I had headed west I’d spotted a sheep. This time I spotted an entire flock of sheep, some of them white and others black. (And another pig!) I also spotted three humungous red mushrooms, another punk-ass zombie kid, and a very tall mountain.

I climbed the mountain and can safely say there is no sign of civilization in any direction from that peak.

But that being said I’d walked far enough that it was difficult to see my own place, much less anything to its east, so there’s still hope to the east and south.

Then again, I was out here to find horses. I found no horses. I found snow and proof that my gold boots do not protect against minor frostbite.

So I guess maybe it’s time to capture some sheep so I can make wool socks.

None of this is solving the horse problem.