Day 267: Should’ve stayed above ground. Maybe become a shepherd.

Day 267:

Today, I was down in a cavern digging when a zombie dropped down from above and attacked me. So I killed it.

Then another zombie dropped in from above, picked up what was left of the first zombie, which was like a rotted blob of grossness, and attempted to beat me with it.

That was just gross.

I mean, I thought I’d gotten used to everything the horrors of this place had to offer. Rock rats, exploding beasts, spiders the size of ponies, being threatened with a potato… but I really think when your cohort dies and you attack with their still-twitching rotting body, you’ve pushed things too far.

I’m back topside tonight and sleeping in my bed with the doors double-locked. Tomorrow maybe I go look for sheep instead of dealing with monsters. Or I go back to lining the original tunnel instead of trying to mine out the bottom of it.

All I know for sure is I can do without zombies for a few days.