Day 280: fishing

Day 280:

I spent the day fishing because I’m low on food.

I’ve noticed some changes lately. The salmon that are running in the waters nearby (at least they look like salmon to me) have changed shape slightly and have a much sharper, more aggressive-looking head. And the cod have changed color slightly, as if the seasons have changed.

And the water itself is, well,  north of here it’s greener than usual, is if there’s been a giant algae bloom somewhere in the water. It makes me worry whether the fish is safe to eat, especially if it seems to be changing as well.

On the other hand, it’s quite possible that the seasons are finally changing here, two hundred and eighty days in. I don’t remember (if I was ever told in the first place) what this rock’s solar year was. So maybe this is fall? Or summer? The temperature hasn’t changed as far as I can tell. (Sometimes it’s hard to tell how warm it is when you’re sitting in the sun all day, just as it’s hard to tell how cool it is if you’re sitting in a cave.

Anyway, the fish are literally swarming, to the point that I can see them, so that’s new. I’m assuming it’s some kind of migration.

Migrations mean food, as everyone who’s ever watched the nature channels on the neural net know, so I’m going to be fishing for the next few days.

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