Day 294: maps and sand

Day 294:

Since I had a map in my pocket, I made it home okay last night despite the blazing headache. I soaked in a cold bath for a while to take the swelling and stuff down, but I’m not sure it helped my headache any.

I don’t feel any broken bits of skull, though, so I’m taking that as a plus.

I used the same map this morning to go back to where I was mining, and then I dug through a wall into the lake that’s south of the area I’ve been digging in. My notes say the lake is freshwater and the other area is seawater or at least brackish and salty, so I’m doing my best to keep them separated. (Which my notes also say is important).

It’s starting to come back to me, but it’s so hard to think when all you can hear is your own pulse through your head and every heartbeat hurts.

I thought that swimming would make it worse, and maybe it will at sufficient depth, but I was able to scoop some sand into some of my bags so that I can make glass out of it. Glass is good, that much I remember regardless of the blow to the brain pan. And while I’m sure a doctor would tell me to take it slow, the cold water really does seem to be helping my head. So I think I’ll be doing the whole “gather sand” thing for the next few days.