Day 297: more ore

Day 297:

I’m closer to the surface than before, which is good, because going down too deep in the caves hurts my head right now. I suspect it’s something having to do with air pressure but my head hurts too much to think about it.

Anyway, found a nice vein of granite, which lead to a nice vein of andesite, which lead to a nice vein of diorite, so if I were on ship right now I’d be collecting a handy bonus. Since I’m marooned on a hostile rock instead, I’m storing it. And occasionally using it to build with. Still.

When I first hurt my head a few days ago I kept thinking I was hearing really loud music out of my left ear a lot. That’s not so bad now – it comes and goes – but I could use with a break. I wish I could change the station at least.

Going to bed before the skeletons come out.

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