Day 309: sunset

Day 309:

I just watched the most beautiful sunset I think I’ve ever seen.

There’s no point trying to draw it, the supplies here would never do it justice. Heck if I had a camera I’m not sure that would do it justice. It was all the right colors at all the right times and the perfect temperature breeze coming through the cracks in the door, and the fresh smell of the outdoors and the soft noises of the animals in the yard behind me.

Here, let’s do this instead:

Picture the most beautiful peaceful sunset you’ve ever watched. Now don’t just picture it, give yourself a moment to relieve it. The breeze, the sights, the smells, the things you heard… go ahead, I’ll wait.







That’s what it was like.

I’m not all that into sunrise due to it occurring at the crack of dawn, and sunset around here usually means the zombies and skeletons will be out momentarily (not to mention the screaming night birds) but this one was worth noting.

I’m going to blow out my candle and sleep well tonight.

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