Day 310: Glass Houses

Day 310:

Some of the things I’m able to build here don’t make any sense.

Ok, let me clarify first. I’ve already mentioned a couple of times a while ago that the gravity and density of things here seem to be way lower than Earth norm, which frankly is the only reason I’m able to carry most of the things I carry.

(When I was a child there was a medical scare that those of us in space who don’t do weights and the like would develop fragile bones. But it turned out that we could defeat that by carrying more stuff. So for example, even though carrying what would be 100 kilos of dirt on Earth weighs about 10 kilos here, I can make sure I still get my standard workout by carrying what would be 1,000 kilos of dirt on Earth and is only 100 kilos of dirt here. My muscles and bones don’t really care what things weigh, only what they seem to weigh.)

Anyway, all this means that things like water pressure and air pressure are much lower than they would be under Earth-grav. Which means the glass I make to Earth thicknesses and densities appears to be much stronger than it would be on Earth.

So I can use glass blocks here for things that wouldn’t ever fly at Earth standard: glass floors and walls and ceilings that have very little support and yet still hold my weight and the weight of all the stuff in the room. Glass holes in the ground above that ensure that I can see what I’m doing. Glass bathtubs, for pete’s sake.

It’s odd, but handy, which is why once I realized this was all true I started picking up every single grain of sand I could find.