Day 311: Glass roofs

Day 311:

Yesterday I talked about using glass blocks as building supplies but I didn’t mention why.

Well the reason why is because I’m building something so weird I’m not even sure how to address it.

See, part of this space I’m digging out to get close to the sheep is prone to flooding.

Okay, all of it is prone to flooding. It’s between what appears to be a river and what appears to be a bay. I never know when a whack with a pickaxe is going to cause flooding in my passageways.

But anyway, I’ve been using the glass block to patch the holes in the ceiling because, well, if you patch a hole with glass then you can see six months later that “hey moron there’s water on the other side of this hole”. If you patch it with dirt or stone, then six months later you dig right back through the same patch and, boom, wet feet.

I’m using a lot of glass, but I’m also getting some very interesting views because when an entire wall turns out to be unstable or, well, missing, after mining, it becomes a glass wall.

And that means I can sit back and watch the fish through the wall. It’s really entertaining to be honest.

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