Day 312: Glass rooms

Day 312:

I’ve decided to fix the room above the one I’m working in by making it a giant bay-watching room.

Yeah that didn’t make any sense, let me try again.

So I hollowed out this chamber and I’m walling it in with my standard 3-meter-high walls and a ceiling, but there’s still a lot of space above my ceiling.

On the other hand, there’s also a lot bay above my ceiling.

Which means I have a good space to finish hollowing out (and I can see some granite up there which is part of my motivation, I’ll admit) and at the same time if I work on that area, there will be some air trapped under there and I won’t necessarily drown if I dig through a wall into the bay. (Always a good idea to determine how much of your chamber is going to flood out when you decide to dig out a wall, because oxygen is kind of required for life and not in its liquid form.)

But I think I’ll also have to do some of the ceiling in glass.

Which means I could end up with more than half of the room made of glass, and a full 160 degree or more view of the underneath of the bay. Without goggles, which by the way I haven’t figured out how to invent yet.

Good thing the water isn’t caustic.