Day 318: water filters?

Day 318:

After thinking way too much about the reanimated material in my water supply overnight and into the day, I think I’m going to have to experiment with my own waster filters.

I mean, yeah, as far as I know, I don’t have a ten-foot tapeworm, but since I’m not sure how to tell, I’m just going to assume I’ve probably got parasites by now.

(Then again, as previously mentioned, there don’t seem to be bugs here and things don’t seem to rot. It’s like we totally skipped those sections of the taxonomic tree. Somehow we got mushrooms the size of small apartment complexes, but no bugs. So maybe no parasites? One can only hope… and wonder how one’s own gut bacteria are doing.)

(Oh heck I bet every time I go to the bathroom I’m exposing this environment to gut bacteria, which means if there really weren’t any bacteria before I’ve just colonized the whole planet. Whee! That’s worth jail time.)

Anyway, I have pitchers I made out of clay and I have charcoal so conceivably I can figure out how to make a charcoal filter…. but I’m not sure how since I don’t have any woven cloth or cheesecloth or anything like that to use as filter material.

Also I don’t actually know how they work.

Also charcoal doesn’t taste very good and I don’t want it in my water.

I miss vending machines.

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