Day 319: wheel experimentation

Day 319:

Most of the things here have very sharp edges to them, as if they all want to grow to be squares or rhombuses instead of ovals or fractals the way they were where I grew up.

Now I sound like an old interstellar miner. “Back in my day, plants knew to grow round so they got the most sun”. But that was on a planet where the tilt of the axis meant the sun changed location in the sky regularly. Here there’s no tilt, and no seasons, so maybe it makes sense for things to grow more flat.

Anyway, that makes creating wheels harder because when you’re growing almost-perfectly round trees, you cut a slice out of the middle and you’ve got almost-perfectly round wheels.

I’ve tried to cut the corners off the plants here but the wood tends to fracture and split along the grain both lengthwise and width-wise. It makes it easier to cut playing dice but not so great for wheels.