Day 323: actual rest

Day 323:

I slept most of the day and spent the rest of it moving cobblestone from one of my older chambers to closer to my smelting chambers so I can smelt things more easily.

I’m working on an idea for a rock carrier…

Ages ago (at least it seems like ages ago) one of the miners (I think it was Larry?)  told me about a thing that people used to haul bricks before we had levitating sleds. He said it was called something like a “hob” and it was essentially three sides of a box with a stick out of the bottom. Because the stick was really long, you could balance it against your shoulder to haul the bricks. Kind of like a really big shovel or scoop.

I’ve been sketching all day to see if I can design something like it. Humans invented it once, so I’ve got a decent shot.

It’s got to be easier than hauling backs of cobblestone back and forth, anyway.

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