Day 325: Bad plan!

Day 325:

I finally reached the place where I started digging back toward my cave a while ago. That’s good! It means I’ve found the surface! And the fresh air! And a spot that doesn’t have water leaking through the ceiling!

And the zombies lurking in the many many trees.

My wood supplies are not low and I wasn’t planning to do any tree-trimming.

On the other hand, nothing says “go get the axe” like climbing out of a cave and having zombies fall from above for a good five minutes.

(The good news is zombies are crap at falling and most of them broke their legs in the fall. The bad news is that didn’t stop them from trying to kill me.)

So I’m heading back to the main base to make sure i have plenty of quality axe heads available. Could be there a few days. Might want to let these bruises heal a bit while I’m at it.