Day 326: axe heads

Day 326:

I spent the day making axe heads out of iron ore, because what else are you going to make them from? Wood? Diamond? One doesn’t stay sharp and the other is too low in supply.

And gold is right out, that stuff dents like crazy.

Anyway, I use a sand mold for the axe heads and then beat all the rough edges with a hammer. I should really invest the time into making a file but that involves using a sharp piece of diamond to carve relatively even lines in a smooth piece of iron and that’s a whole lot of work. (I can barely draw my breath much less a straight line, and drawing a straight line with a piece of diamond is no picnic either.)

(I guess I could at least start by making myself a straight edge to use.)

(Also I can’t believe I used that “draw my breath” joke, I think my dad told me that one. Not a lot of people to tell jokes to down here, the skeletons aren’t big on laughter.)

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