Day 334: trying a roof

Day 334:

I’m not doing a very good job of thinning the trees but I am doing a pretty good job of taking the bottom of the cave (or rather, the first level of the cave, the bottom is way way way further down) and putting down a proper floor and some walls so at least they can’t sneak up on me from one of the side-chambers of the cave.

The good part of this is that it’s easier and safer to move around in the chamber. The not-good part of this is that monsters can still fall in and kill me constantly because there are too many trees.

It’s mostly because I got into fixing up this chamber while it was raining like crazy and then the sun came out and I was like hmm, maybe I should get back to work on those trees, but it was cool and nice in the cave and kind of hot topside so I just stuck where I was.

But also, the chamber that I dug into the cave from is the exact best level to put a roof on it, cover it with dirt, and nobody will know there’s an entrance there. So putting a roof on this chamber and then covering it over and adding some stairs is actually a pretty good idea.

Tomorrow if the weather’s nice, I’ll go back to thinning the trees. That way I can work on putting stairs in without getting killed. Because once I put stairs in, the monsters will use the stairs instead of breaking their legs falling into the pit.