Day 338: helmet replaced

Day 338:

I tried getting by on just the leather helmets that the zombies and skeletons occasionally drop, but to be honest they’re not in very good shape. Even that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, except that I went out last night to feed the pigs and those flying monstrosities that attacked me a few weeks ago were out.

(Strangely, I haven’t seen them in the woods. If I clear more of the woods am I going to be killed by the pterodactyls? Time will tell!)

So now I’m out of helmets.

I do have just enough diamond stuff (I’m still not convinced it’s diamond if I can shape it — diamond is supposed to be a crystal) to make one last helmet, which means that I probably should go down into the deep areas and see if I can find more.

But tomorrow I think I’m going to concentrate on getting some of the hay in and doing some farming. I’m low on dried fish too, so I have to decide whether it’s time to sacrifice more duckens or whether maybe it’s time to dry some beef.

It’ll be interesting to see if being topside for a little while makes my back ache more or less.