Day 448: doors

Day 448:

The trees here are often so tall and wide that I can saw boards quickly and cleanly and end up with solid wood doors that need very little reinforcement.

It’s good, because, well, good doors in this place mean the difference between being able to sleep soundly and being spider chow.

I spent the day sawing logs into doors and making wrought iron hinges so that I can continue to make things safe around here. I twas cold and rainy but that doesn’t matter much when it comes to sawing wood, because I have plenty of chambers where if I get sawdust all over the place nothing’s hurt.

Making hand saws has gotten easier as my tools have progressed, but it’s still a good day’s worth of work.

The rain let up this afternoon so I took a little while to fish. Didn’t catch anything notable but also didn’t get sunburnt and it was a nice way to relax.

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