Day 455: sand and potatoes

Day 455:

I managed to shake off Idiot down in the caverns.

I spent the day digging sand deposits out of the river. Discovered that one of them was blocking access to a cave full of ore, but since I’ve already got a couple of caves full of ore, I’m not actually going after this one (right now).

I also dug up my latest crop of potatoes and I have so. many. potatoes.

I started using the residual heat from the furnaces that I’m melting the sand into glass just to bake the potatoes so I can eat them instead of the fish.

I’ll probably get really bored, but if I remember correctly, I won’t get scurvy.

I wish I had enough sheep to make a nice mutton stew, or maybe a rabbit stew, with all these carrots and potatoes. I don’t like stew enough to cook an entire cow worth of stew.